Clear party nail art designs

Some girls only like simple nail paints and the girls usually apply clear party nail art designs. Apply a nail paint of perfect colors and makes you look perfect.

Clear nails with designs

It is also a type of nail art you can apply simple nail paint and in the top of the nails apply some glitters nail paint and simply complete the design. This is the part of quick and easy glitter fade party nail art.

Black and silver nails

You want to make the simple look of your nails you can easily apply black nail polish on 4 nails and silver on one. It makes your look simple and unique and also apart of clear party nail art designs.

Party Nails using Mica with clear Nail Polish

Nail art is very important for parties you can make your nail art simple. Use a mica with simple nail paints and this is also very unique style.

Party-Christmas Nails

You should have to make clear party nail art designs. Christmas has very important for all the Christians. And everyone selects their dresses and also nails paint. So some girls like clear nail paint it’s not a big issue you can use clear nail paint. Quick and Easy Glitter Fade Party Nail Art is make on a Christmas party.

Transparent nail paint

Transparent nail art design looks clear and simple. This is very simple and unique and you just easily apply it on your nails and make them perfect. With the use of glitters you can make quick and Easy Glitter Fade Party Nail Art.

Simple and elegant colors of nail polish

If you want clear nail art and you do not like much colors and designs on your nails. Then you can choose perfect designs and colors and apply it on your nails.

Nail art designs for New Year party

New Year night is very special for all of us and we want to celebrate this night in very amazing manner. So for the preparation of New Year we make ourselves ready and also select nail paint designs for this night. You can make wine bottles and you can write the upcoming year name on your nails. You can make all these things with black and silver nails paint.

Clear nail paint for the college and office going girls

If you make dark color flowers on your nails and go to office it will look very strange on your nails. So you can choose simple and light colors nails and clear party nail art designs on the nails.

Party Nails using Mica with clear Nail Polish

With the use of clear nail polish you can use mica and make designs on your nails it will also looks very awesome. Clear nail paint is also looks very awesome like the other nail art which you make on your nails.